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Skyforge: How to Group Up With Other Players


Skyforge: How to Group Up With Other Players

How to Group Up With Other Players in Skyforge

Skyforge has recently released on PlayStation 4 after being available on PC for a couple of years. Co-operative play is a huge part of Skyforge and you’ll get a lot more out of the game that way. Here is how to group up with friends or other people.

To form a group with friends you need to go to the community tab in the pause menu and click on the group option. Next, invite the people you want to group up with. As long as they are online, you’ll be able to do this. Once they accept, you will form a group.

To group up with people you don’t know that you see while playing by yourself in Skyforge, press up on the d-pad and choose the ‘invite’ option. If you are playing alone and need to find a group for a specific mission, you should click on the ‘Find Group’ option in the menu. Doing so will begin the matchmaking process that will group you with random players that are also trying to play through the specific mission. You will leave that group once the mission is done, or if you quit during the mission.

That is how you group up with other players in Skyforge. For help with anything else in the game, stick with Twinfinite.

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