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Persona 5: How to Answer All School Questions Correctly


Persona 5: How to Answer All School Questions Correctly

Answers to All School Questions in Persona 5

Since Persona 5 does place you in the shoes of a high school student, just like previous entries in the series, it’s not surprising that you’ll often find yourself sitting in class. Naturally, you can’t just twiddle your thumbs all the time as the days go by so sometimes you’ll be asked some questions. You may know the answers to some, but the school questions in Persona 5 can sometimes be a bit challenging. Nobody wants to look stupid in front of a bunch of digital peers, so we’ve put together a nice little cheat sheet to make those school questions a piece of cake.

With each one you answer correctly your Knowledge will go up just a little bit and you’ll earn the respect of the students at Shujin Academy which will make them begin to be less rude. Since all questions appear on the same days for everyone, we’ve listed the answer by date instead of by question to make it easier for you to search. Just look at the upper left-hand corner of your screen and you’ll see the date, then find the answer you need. Do note that some days have multiple answers and we’ve listed them in order from left to right.


4/12 – Logic

4/19 – C

4/23 – Singing

4/27 – Four

4/30 – Wonder > Kid > A prodigy


5/7 – Femme Fatale

5/10 – Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Midterm 1 Time! (Knowledge Rank of Learned)

5/11 (Biology Exam) – An optical illusion > visual information > Brain > They have different cognitions.

5/12 (History Exam) – Magistrate’s Patronage

5/12 (English Exam) – The name of a sum of currency

5/13 (Social Studies Exam) – Ignorance

5/13 (Math Exam) – Four

End of Midterms

5/16 – Vincent Van Gogh

5/21 – The Silver Ratio

5/23 – Together and Senses

5/26 – Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar

5/30 – William Kidd.


6/4 – They were brightly colored

6/7 – Hermit Crab

6/8 – Dreams

6/11 – Three Olympic-sized pools

6/13 – The government

6/15 – It’ll change color.

6/23 – Pope Joan

6/27 – Heavy rain

6/29 – Gold


7/1 – Baozi

7/4 – Someone pretentious said so

7/7 – Soumen

7/8 – They have the same flavor

7/9 – 180 degrees

7/11 – Luciferin

7/12 – Ishikawa Goemon

Final 1 Time! (Knowledge Rank of Scholarly)

7/13 (Japanese Exam) – Nouveau Riche

7/13 (History Exam) – Gentleman thief > Toyotomi Hideyoshi > He was boiled alive

7/14 (Biology Exam) – It’s not related to crabs

7/14 (Social Studies Exam) – Television

7/15 (Mat Exam) – B4-sized paper

7/15 (English Exam) – Together and Senses

End of Finals

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