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Let’s Predict Nintendo’s Announcements at This Week’s Direct


Let’s Predict Nintendo’s Announcements at This Week’s Direct

What does Nintendo have up their tricky sleeves?



ARMS is Nintendo’s big new intellectual property that they’re pushing for the Switch. ARMS is still set for a spring release and we haven’t gotten a proper release date yet, so it’s definitely possible that Nintendo will give some details soon.

So far, Nintendo has shown fights between two characters in a normal round arena. Maybe there are other ways to play ARMS than what we’ve been shown. Imagine team fights of two versus two in a big map, running around and throwing punches in the air. Are there items that we will be using during battles ala Smash Bros. style or will you be able to use your favorite character and build up their stats to your choosing? Perhaps Nintendo will give us a look at more unique stages, characters, and different modes during the direct.

The announcement of some amiibo support for the title, with new ARMS character figures, is also possible. Almost every first-party title that Nintendo puts out has had amiibo support, so this isn’t entirely out of the question.

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