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Gal Gadot’s Tweet About Her Old Wonder Woman Photoshoot Show Us That Dreams Come True

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Gal Gadot’s Tweet About Her Old Wonder Woman Photoshoot Show Us That Dreams Come True

*insert that guitar riff here*

These days, playing a superhero in a big budget action movie basically makes you an icon before you’re spotting wearing the costume. This feeling has become enhanced with more and more hero flicks coming out, and this year will see the first female-led superhero movie to be released in a post-Avengers landscape with DC’s Wonder Woman (due out June 2), played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot. Best known for her role as Gisele Yashar in the Fast and Furious films, Gadot first made her appearance in the superhero world in last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Her solo film will delve into her origins, taking place during World War I as she first encounters life outside of Themyscira and tangles with villains Ares and Dr. Poison. It’s a dream for Gadot, so much so that before she was actually cast in the role, she had a photoshoot that was heavily influenced for her love for Diana of Themyscira. From the lasso to the hair and the costuming, you can definitely see the passion for the female superhero come through.

Divisive as Dawn of Justice is, one thing everyone can agree on is that Gal Gadot was the highlight of the film during her time as Wonder Woman. Warner Bros. made sure to include her in the marketing almost immediately for that film, and Gadot’s been giving tons of love to fans of the character on Twitter.

But of everyone the most excited about Wonder Woman, there’s one who’s got everyone beat on that score, even more than Gal Gadot. And that person would be her young daughter, Alma.

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