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Mass Effect Andromeda: Should You Save the Angarans or Destroy the Facility?


Mass Effect Andromeda: Should You Save the Angarans or Destroy the Facility?

Lives are hanging in the balance.

Should You Save the Angarans or Destroying the Facility in Mass Effect Andromeda?

As you progress through the story of Mass Effect Andromeda, you’ll eventually have to take on the main mission A Trail of Hope. By playing this mission, you’ll encounter a Kett facility, the Cardinal, and a number of Angarans inside. At the end of it, players will have to make a big decision: destroy the facility or keep it intact.

If you destroy the facility, the Cardinal and the Angarans will all be killed. As far as we can tell, this option doesn’t seem to have any severe consequences, aside from a few scenes and extra lines of dialogue from specific characters. If you choose to leave the facility intact and spare the Cardinal, you’ll receive assistance from the Angaran force during one of the late-game missions. Since destroying the facility doesn’t seem to have any major impact, it is recommended that you leave it intact and save the Angarans inside, just so you can get the extra help later on in the game. Again, the choice is completely yours.

Will you save the Angarans or destroy the facility? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check back with Twinfinite and our ever-expanding wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on Mass Effect Andromeda.

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