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Mass Effect Andromeda: Contagion Side Quest Guide


Mass Effect Andromeda: Contagion Side Quest Guide

Contagion Side Quest in Mass Effect: Andromeda

The Contagion side quest in Mass Effect: Andromeda all starts off because a guy named Harry illegally brought his aunt to Andromeda, despite the fact she has a highly contagious, fatal disease. Definitely not the wisest decision. Her name is Ruth Bekker, and your mission in Contagion is to track her down.

First, make your way to the immigration desk near the docks and inquire about her here. You’ll be able to use your Scanner here to trace her steps, but it won’t show a complete path. As a result, you’ll need to follow the short paths and frequently use your Scanner again to pick up another direction change in her steps.

Whenever you reach an area with something you can scan in the Contagion side quest, be sure to talk to the people standing around. Some of them may have helpful info on the whereabouts of Ruth.

After following the steps and information you’re given, you’ll eventually find yourself talking to Teron in Nexus Ops. He’ll tell you that Ruth was looking for a shuttle, so you best make your way to the Docking Bay next. Upon arrival, you’ll discover that she’s stolen a shuttle and attacked someone. Fortunately, the ship was hit with a weapon, so there’s a handy radiation trail you can follow through space. This will be shown as Waypoints leading to Anomalies, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to follow.

The radiation will lead you to Kadara, the final destination for the Contagion side quest in Mass Effect: Andromeda. On arrival, you’ll find the ship, but no Ruth. Track Ruth with your Scanner and you’ll find she’s being held by Roekaar who wants to weaponize the lethal disease. He threatens to kill Ruth if you don’t let him go.

SAM comes to your rescue just in the nick of time, informing you that the disease he collected isn’t enough to cause any serious damage. Knowing this, you can let Roekaar free, saving Ruth in the process.

Contagion isn’t over here, though. You’ll now need to talk some sense into Ruth, and some strong words, you’ll convince her and Harry to go back into cryo until a cure is developed.

That’s all you need to do for the Contagion quest in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Be sure to check our wiki for everything else on the game.

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