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5 Songs Your Horizon Zero Dawn Playlist Needs


5 Songs Your Horizon Zero Dawn Playlist Needs

Give these a listen.

I Shall Rise by Karen O

Originally created for Square Enix’s Rise of the Tomb Raider in 2015, “I Shall Rise” comes courtesy of Karen O, front runner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The parallels between the song and Lara Croft are obvious, right down to the title, and the song works just as well for Aloy.

Horizon Zero Dawn is, at its core, about a woman rising up to the occasion and becoming a hero. It’s only fitting that she get a song to reflect that change, and “I Shall Rise” is as good of a song as any. Her song fits Aloy so perfectly that people are probably making a music video for the game set to that song right now. It’ll fit at at any point in the game–whether you’re roaming the wilds, shooting arrows into people’s faces, or learning more about the world that used to be. And also climb up a mountain or high ridge and gaze into the distance as the chorus hits. For poignancy, you see.

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