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Horizon Zero Dawn Secrets and How to Find Them


Horizon Zero Dawn Secrets and How to Find Them

Death Stranding Easter Eggs

Horizon Zero Dawn Secrets


If you weren’t aware, after Mark Cerny and Hideo Kojima’s tour around the world looking for technology to build Kojima’s next game, Death Stranding, the gaming icon settled on Guerrilla Games’ Decima Engine. That’s the same engine used to build the gorgeous world of Horizon Zero Dawn. Kojima Productions and Guerrilla Games actually began collaborating on the engine, making it an even better tool for making beautiful, sprawling games. So it’s no surprise that Horizon Zero Dawn contains secrets in the form of Death Stranding Easter Eggs, the next huge title to release using the Decima Engine.

There are three different Eater eggs that are considered Special Items in your inventory and are used to purchase a box. The box itself isn’t anything to write home about, but the items are. They are Stranded Figure, Stranded Shackles, and Stranded Necklace.

Stranded  Necklace – “This mysterious item is valuable only to the most curious merchants. Six tarnished Metal ingots threaded with a plain wire.”

This item represents the necklace that Norman Reedus’ character can be seen wearing in the first trailer for the game. During the Grave-Hoard mission, kill the enemies right when you enter then head left (following the wall). It will be located between two tanks.

Stranded Schackles – “This mysterious item is valuable only to the most curious merchants. Shackles made from an unknown, smooth material.”

Located on the west side of the map, behind the large coliseum inside of the Zero Dawn Facility. The easiest way to find the area is during the Deep Secrets of the World quest. After the Elisabet Sobeck hologram concerning GAIA, head to the room in the southwest to find this item on a table. It’s the same set of high-tech handcuffs Norman Reedus can be seen wearing at the beginning of the original trailer.

Stranded Figure – “This mysterious item is valuable only to the most curious merchants. A battered idol of an infant, smelling faintly of decay.”

This is the the doll that floats towards Guillermo Del Toro’s feet in the trailer where he hides by the bridge. It can be found behind the locked door you try to enter after the Proving. You can’t get in until near the end of the story, but once inside check under the first flight of stairs that you descend.

What makes these items even cooler is that when you view them in your inventory their icon is the silhouette of the Ludens logo from Kojima Productions.

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