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Destiny 2 Pre-Orders Are Live, Here’s Where You Can Buy Your Copy


Destiny 2 Pre-Orders Are Live, Here’s Where You Can Buy Your Copy

Destiny 2’s reveal trailer is finally out in the wild and fans will already be counting down the days until they can jump into the game. Of course, many players will be wanting to secure their copy ahead of the September release date, so here’s a handy list of everywhere we’ve found that has pre-orders for Destiny 2 live.


GameStop is arguably the best place to pre-order Destiny 2 if you’re a huge fan. Not only do you have access to both the limited and collector’s edition of Destiny 2, but you’ll also receive a cool limited edition Cayde-6 figurine when you pre-order. You’ve also got the option to pre-order the standard edition of the game here, too.


Amazon currently doesn’t have either the limited or collector’s editions of Destiny 2 up for pre-order, but it does have more than just the standard edition. Guardians can choose from either the standard edition, a digital deluxe edition which will come as a code on release day, or a game & expansion pass digital bundle. You can check out all of the different editions here.

Best Buy & Target

Best Buy only has the standard edition available to pre-order on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Target also only has the standard edition available on each of the three platforms should it be your preferred retailer.

Which edition of the game will you be picking up? Let us know down in the comments below.

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