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6 Nintendo Series That Just Belong on the Switch


6 Nintendo Series That Just Belong on the Switch

Switch it up.

Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros Toad

One of the Switch’s biggest unique selling points is the ability to take console-like gaming on the go with you, wherever you need. On top of that, Nintendo’s intuitive approach to control inputs, especially regarding multiplayer with the Joy-Con and additional Pro controllers, ensure that you’re always prepared for a quick multiplayer battle of whatever you want to play. And when there’s a feud among friends that needs to be settled, there’s no better way to resolve it than with some Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo’s all-star brawling series is incredibly likely to hit the Switch at some point, considering there’s been a title on every home console system since the N64. While Nintendo would need to look into clever ways to overcome the limited input options on a single Joy-Con, the thought of having a great-looking, compelling brawler with us wherever we go is certainly enticing. Imagine how fast those commutes would go then.

Dock your Switch back at home and continue the battle on the big screen for those truly tense and all-important grudge matches where performance and screen size cannot be used as excuses. Top it off with Nintendo’s suggested push into eSports (as was eluded to in their initial Switch reveal trailer with Splatoon 2) and Super Smash Bros. seems like a no-brainer for Nintendo’s hybrid system. Now, all we need to do is wait.

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