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The Last Guardian Fan-Made Lego Set Needs Supporters to Become a Reality

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The Last Guardian Fan-Made Lego Set Needs Supporters to Become a Reality

Master builder over here!

Although it may look straight from LEGO itself, this The Last Guardian LEGO set is completely fan-made by LEGO Ideas user MProtagonist.

The project is posted on the LEGO Ideas website, where users create their own sets to be supported by other members, with 10,000 supporters meaning LEGO itself might make it to be distributed in stores. The Last Guardian set has received the necessary 100 primary supporters meaning MProtagonist has an additional 365 days to collect the remaining 9900.

Some of the specs for the build were shared on NeoGAF, with its designer estimating a $70 retail price. Trico stands at 25cm tall and is 30cm long (exclusding the tail), and is approximately to scale with the little boy. The set would come with Trico, the boy, a shied, and a barrel like those Trico devours in the game.

Trico can be posed very easily as well, with friction joints in his neck, hips, and knees. His tail also features a projectile launcher at the end, and his feet, toes, mouth, and ears can all be individually adjusted as well.

This impressive set even received recognition from the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, after he replied “awesome!” to an image of the set that was tweeted at him seen below.

Would you purchase this set? If so, why not head over to its LEGO Ideas page to give it some support so we could all own this awesome LEGO Trico one day.


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