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Sniper Elite 4: How to Heal & Use Bandages


Sniper Elite 4: How to Heal & Use Bandages

How to Heal – Sniper Elite 4

Protagonist Karl Fairburne from Sniper Elite 4 isn’t known to be the most durable of characters. In fact, a few well placed shots from the enemy are more than enough to wound, and even kill him. And while this does provide incentive for the players to take on a more stealthier approach when playing the game, there are moments when a simple mistake can bring your heath bar down to the point of exhaustion.

Its times like these that the player can utilize two of the healing items available to Fairburne, Bandages and Medikits. Both of these items can be used to either stabilize your health quickly in a jam, or to recover health slowly away from prying eyes. The Bandage, being the more common of the two, recovers around a half of your health, whereas the Medikit recovers it completely.

To use either of them, simply open your weapon wheel and select them from the left. You can then press the same button you would use to throw a grenade, RB on the Xbox One or R1 on PS4, to heal yourself. If you happen to run out of these healing items, you can always find more on enemy corpses and in item containers.

Now that you know how to heal in Sniper Elite 4, you’re ready to continue on Fairburne’s adventure. Good luck!

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