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Pokemon GO: How to Get Sudowoodo


Pokemon GO: How to Get Sudowoodo

How to Get Sudowoodo – Pokemon GO

Sudowoodo may look like a tree, but this Gen 2 Pokemon is actually a Rock type. The tree form it takes is a disguise to prevent other creatures from attacking it. It was added to Pokemon GO along with around 80 other Johto Region monsters, so here’s how to get a Sudowoodo for yourself.

Sudowoodo is an odd Rock-type. While you have a slight chance of encountering one of these tree mimics among areas where you’d find other Rock-types, you can actually find it in parks and other areas filled with trees as well. It stays true to its behaviors from both the anime and the video games, where it hid in forests and liked to block roads. It’s clever to have it hiding where you wouldn’t expect its type to be, and only fans will be aware of Sudowoodo’s trickery.

Unfortunately, even if you know where to look, this particular creature is very rare in Pokemon GO. You’ll have to wade through a lot of Grass, Bug, Normal, Ground, and other Rocks before you finally encounter one and are able to catch it. You can try hatching a Sudowoodo from an Egg, though, as they are a possible find in 5km and higher Eggs.

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