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Pokemon GO: Eevee Name Trick to Get Umbreon and Espeon Easily


Pokemon GO: Eevee Name Trick to Get Umbreon and Espeon Easily

Eevee Names for Umbreon and Espeon – Pokemon GO

If you’ve been playing Pokemon GO for some time, then you may have heard of the trick used to guarantee your Eeveelution with the first gen Pokemon. Naming your Eevee either Rainer, Sparky, or Pyro would net you a Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon respectively once you fed it enough candies to evolve. It turns out that there are names for the new Umbreon and Espeon forms that were introduced with the Gen 2 update as well.

The Eevee names required for the new forms are Sakura for Espeon and Tamao for Umbreon. These names are based off the Kimono sisters who each had their own specific Eeveelutions. It’s yet another cool Easter egg provided by Niantic that gives fans of the series a bit of an inside hint on how to get their favorite Pokemon.

You should note that in order to make sure the name is registered so you can get the evolution you want, exit the game after naming your adorable little monster and resuming regular play. Then restart and proceed as normal, feeding it the candy necessary for it to achieve its new form. As long as you spelled the Eevee names correctly, you should be walking away with your preferred addition to your Pokemon GO collection.

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