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Nioh vs. Dark Souls: Which is Better?


Nioh vs. Dark Souls: Which is Better?

Anjin versus the Ashen One.

Nioh and Dark Souls

nioh vs dark souls

Since its reveal, Nioh has been compared to From Software’s popular Souls series quite a bit, and for good reason too. Nioh is characterized by its extremely unforgiving combat and stamina management system, as well as the inspirations that it draws directly from Souls. In Nioh, shrines serve as your bonfires, you collect Amrita instead of souls, and if you die twice in a row without picking up your lost Amrita, you’ll lose all that battle experience forever. Not only that, Nioh also features intricate level designs where exploration is rewarded, and players will be able to unlock fast shortcuts back to the nearest shrine.

With so many broad similarities between the two IPs, it’s hard not to compare several aspects and see which IP did it better. That said, we’re going to break these games down in different categories and rate them accordingly. The categories that we’ll be taking a look at are the combat system, level design, progression and customization, and bosses. At the end of it all, we’ll crown a winner and see which IP does the whole “get good or die repeatedly” formula better.

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