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Nioh: How to Use the Ki Pulse


Nioh: How to Use the Ki Pulse

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Activating Ki Pulse – Nioh

The Ki Pulse is a pretty unique mechanic introduced in Nioh, and it can be very handy for players who aren’t too good with stamina management and dashing away without getting too greedy. Your stamina in this game, or Ki as it’s called, will drain very rapidly as you try to hit your enemies with long strings of combos. However, you can keep the combo going without having to back away each time the Ki bar falls empty.

After expending a certain amount of Ki, keep an eye on the bar to watch a transparent meter fill back up. Once the bar flashes white, you’ll want to quickly tap the R1 button to immediately restore the amount of Ki that refilled in the bar. This means that if you time your Ki Pulse right, you could potentially continue a stun combo for a rather long time, depriving your foes of any chance to react or counterattack. If you’ve unlocked the Flux ability, activating a Ki Pulse will restore a bit more Ki than what was shown on the bar itself. To really make use of the Ki Pulse and its combo potential, you can also switch weapon stances immediately after activating the Pulse to start another string of combos and deal more damage.

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