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What’s the Nintendo Switch? Everything You Need to Know


What’s the Nintendo Switch? Everything You Need to Know

Get up to date on all things Switch before its release next week.

Price and What’s in the Box

Everything You Need to Know About the Switch

The Nintendo Switch will run you $300 (USD) plus tax when it releases on Mar. 3, which is a relatively low price for a brand-new video game console. Included in the box are:

  • Console (the tablet is the actual console)
  • Dock
  • Left and Right Joy-Con Controllers
  • Joy-Con Wrist Straps (safety first)
  • The Joy-Con Grip
  • HDMI Cable
  • A/D Adaptor

All of the usual suspects are there, providing everything you need to get the hardware up and running once you open the box (or tear it open if you’re one of those types). You will notice that there’s no pack-in game, not even mention of a demo disc/code. So that $300 at launch isn’t entirely accurate of what you can expect to pay on day one if you hope to play something. You’re going to have to shell out a bit of extra cash for a game separate from the console itself.

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