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Fire Emblem Heroes: What Focus Is


Fire Emblem Heroes: What Focus Is

Focus – Fire Emblem Heroes

Focus can be spotted in a few different places in Fire Emblem Heroes, however, it always has something to do with summoning heroes. Unfortunately, it’s another one of those terms that the game doesn’t really explain very well and players are left a little confused about it. This is what you need to know about Focus in Fire Emblem Heroes.

The first place you may have seen it in Fire Emblem Heroes is when you first tap on the Summon tab at the bottom of your page. Then, above the banner image of the heroes, you’ll see something like “Focus: Deep Devotion.” What this means is that certain characters are more likely to appear in that group rather than in the other Focus currently available, Legendary Heroes. In order to see what heroes are more likely to show up, simply tap on the Details option. This will then bring up a tier list for that Focus, showing you what heroes can be summoned and at which tiers.

That brings us to the other place you’ll see this pop up in Fire Emblem Heroes. In these tier lists are five-star heroes and five-star Focus heroes. These variants are basically just replicas that are thrown into the pool once again. Essentially, it’s the game giving you a higher chance of getting these particular heroes by summoning them from a certain group.

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