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ESPN will be Airing Esports During The Super Bowl, Because FIFA

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ESPN will be Airing Esports During The Super Bowl, Because FIFA

And on the main EPSN channel, too.

ESPN will be airing the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship on the main ESPN channel during Sunday’s Super Bowl on Fox.

The broadcasting company has been embracing esports more and more in the past few years, airing games like Heroes of the Storm, Madden, and Street Fighter V tournaments on the ESPN2 channel. Though, the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship marks the first time esports will be taking over the main channel.

“We’re expanding our competitive gaming portfolio to include events that also resonate with traditional sports fans, and EA’s FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series fits perfectly into how we intend to continue to serve esports fans moving forward,” said ESPN VP of programming and acquisitions John Lasker.

Talking to, Lasker said airing the championship alongside the Super Bowl is no more than a coincidence. “We’re trying to line ourselves up so that we’re covering the event when the event’s happening. The idea that we’re putting it up against the Super Bowl really has nothing to do with the Super Bowl itself,” he said.

Television won’t be the only place to find the cChampionship, though. Fans will also have the option to stream it live via YouTube or Twitch this Sunday.


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