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The Best Souls-Like Games, Ranked


The Best Souls-Like Games, Ranked

The best of the toughest.

8. Titan Souls


Titan Souls captures the brutal difficulty of the Souls series while creating more personal encounters. The only enemies in the entire game are giant bosses. So it’s kind of like a mix between Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus. You only have one arrow to fire at your target and it can be drawn back to you as long as something doesn’t leap in the way.

So you’ll spend your time tracking down enemies, locating their weak points, frantically rolling out of the way of their attacks, and hoping that your arrow finds its mark. You’ll also die. A lot. Each new boss has a completely distinct set of patterns and attacks, meaning you probably won’t defeat each new creature on your first try. Its simplicity is both its greatest strength and greatest setback. One you master dodging and firing your arrow, there isn’t much else to learn.

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