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All 66 LEGO Games Ever Released


All 66 LEGO Games Ever Released

Brick by brick.

LEGO Fun to Build – 1995 (Sega Pico)


The very first LEGO game ever released on the Sega Pico, an educational game console for kids. Like many of the games on the system, it used the “Magic Pen” to have players draw on the screen and build various projects.

Lego Island – 1997 (PC)


LEGO Island was a huge step up for the series in video games, presenting players with a massive island to explore. You play as Pepper Roni, a pizza delivery boy who inadvertently has to help capture an escaped criminal known as the Brickster. The game is nonlinear and is played from a first-person perspective.

Lego Loco – 1998 (PC)

lego loco

This title is a city-building game similar to something like Sim City, except it has a heavy focus on railway systems. Eventually you’ll have minifigures move in and live their daily lives in your city.

Lego Chess – 1998 (PC)

lego chess

This title is exactly what it sounds like, a virtual chess game but with minifigures and bricks. The story mode lets you choose between a Pirate or Western theme, and each of the characters are animated in their actions.

Lego Creator – 1998 (PC)

lego creator

The first in a long line of games, Creator was an open-ended sandbox game that let you create virtual LEGO areas with little restrictions. There was no kind of story mode or money system, so you were free to build to your heart’s content.

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