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Top 10 Best Resident Evil Bosses of All Time


Top 10 Best Resident Evil Bosses of All Time

Monster mash!

U-3 – Resident Evil 4

U-3, Resident Evil, Boss

“Tense” is perhaps the best word when it comes to describing this Resident Evil 4 boss fight. Set in an underground labyrinth, former Racoon City Police Officer Leon Kennedy is tasked with not only fighting this horrific monster but will be timed during the process. Instead of a usual boss arena, U-3 decided to take up residence in a bunch of suspended shipping containers precariously hung over a bottomless pit.

While U-3 isn’t a complete bullet sponge like El Gigante, this creature’s ability to vanish and appear pretty much anywhere is incredibly dangerous. Since you have to press a variety of different buttons and escape from different platforms, U-3 can be troublesome. This is a boss that is meant to test your ability to run and gun, however this can be problematic since he can completely block your path at times. Yet, this just makes every turn of the corner thrilling as you will never know when this guy is coming for you.

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