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Tales of Berseria: What Denore Bottles Are and How to Use Them


Tales of Berseria: What Denore Bottles Are and How to Use Them

Denore Bottles – Tales of Berseria

You’ll be inundated with different items and equipment during your adventure in Tales of Berseria. One particularly useful item is called the Denore Bottle, and you’ll get your first one early on in the game. After that, you’ll be able to purchase them from item shops.

Denore Bottles allow you instantly warp to the entrance of any dungeon you’re in, and they’re each a one-time use item. Of course, you’ll have to have passed through the entrance to the dungeon in order for the item to work.

You can’t just use this item from your main menu like other items, however. When you’re running around a dungeon, tap the L2 button and it’ll bring up the prompt for a Denore Bottle. This command, of course, won’t work unless you’re in a dungeon.

Make sure you try and keep a stock of Denore Bottles on you at all times, so you won’t have to go trudging back through dungeons all the time. Like most other consumable items in the game, you’re able to hold up to 15 at one time. They cost about 400 Gald apiece depending on the shop, so you may as well fork over the money and keep your stock up.

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