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Resident Evil 7: Where to Find All 18 Antique Coins (Easy/Normal Difficulty)


Resident Evil 7: Where to Find All 18 Antique Coins (Easy/Normal Difficulty)

Resident Evil 7 Antique Coins Guide

Those who want to survive their hellish night in Resident Evil 7 will want to consider finding all of the 18 different Antique Coins available. These odd little items can be found scattered all throughout Resident Evil 7 and on Easy or Normal difficulty, there will be 18 to collect. Antique Coins can be used to buy upgrades that are critical to help you defend yourself against The Bakers and their monsters. To help you get as many as possible, this guide has the locations for all the Antique Coins in Easy and Normal difficulty.

  • Guest House 1F – To get this Antique Coin, you’ll need to watch the videotape found on the second floor of the Guest House. Once the video begins, have the camera man step back right away and look down. You’ll see a lockpick on the ground, which you can then use on the locked drawer in the kitchen. After you’ve unlocked the drawer in the VHS video, go to it in the present and open it to find your first Antique Coin.
  • Main House 1F – This coin can be found after you break free from your chair during dinner with The Bakers. After you acquire the Hatch Key, jump down into the crawlspace, and the coin can be found on the lawnmower to your left.
  • Main House 1F – From the Ox Puzzle Door, open it and enter the large living room. Immediately turn left and head to the drawer in the far corner. Open the top shelf to find the Antique Coin inside.
  • Main House 2F – Head up the staircase in the Main Hall and enter the door to the left by Grandma. From here, go left and follow the hallway down until you reach a door on your right. Enter the room with the pool table and this Antique Coin can be found on the dresser behind it.
  • Main House 2F – In the second-floor bathroom in the Main Hall you can find the next of the Antique Coins in the toilet bowl.
  • Main House 1F – During your travels you will come across a room with a large stuffed deer (Drawing Room) by the door. Go into this area, down the staircase and enter the side area room where you can find another Resident Evil 7 coin in the ashtray by the light.
  • Processing Area – After you obtain the last coin go through the door directly to your left and follow the hallway until you find a staircase that leads to the Processing Area. As soon as you enter the door via the staircase hang a hard right and go through the metal door. The next of the Antique Coins will be found next to the wooden pallet on the floor.
  • Yard – Once you solve the Cerberus door puzzle, head outside and down the stairs. Take a right and do into the bushes next to the house until you find the coin in an empty flower pot.
  • Yard – After you get the last Resident Evil 7 coin, turn around and head into the trailer to find it sitting on the table by the bird cage.

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