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Resident Evil 7: How to Get a Fuse (Attic)


Resident Evil 7: How to Get a Fuse (Attic)

Attic Fuse – Resident Evil 7

Early on in Resident Evil 7, players will need to fix a fuse box by acquiring the Attic Fuse in the Guest House in order to progress the game’s story. However, this will not be as simple as finding one laying around as you’ll need to progress through most of the Guest House chapter to nab it. After you make your way down into the basement, you’ll eventually stumble across Mia who is locked in a cell. Go over to the table, pick up the bolt cutters (you’ll need these for getting the Attic Fuse), and cut the chain to her door so you can free her.

After a brief dialogue interaction you’ll head back up stairs without Mia, go into the bathroom down the hallway and acquire the medical vials in the cabinet. Now make your way back down the stairs to the basement. You will be interrupted and attacked though, so be careful. After your brief Resident Evil 7 combat tutorial, you’ll be given a moment of reprisal to catch your breath. When this happens head back into the kitchen and go to the cabinet near the far end as this will contain the Attic Fuse.

You will now be given the prompt to break the chains holding it together via the bolt cutters. Do this, open the drawers, and collect the Attic Fuse inside. Now head back to the living room with the television and input the Attic Fuse into the box on the wall. This will trigger another cutscene when you exit the room and allow you to progress further in the story. It’s important to remember that in Resident Evil 7, you will always want to check what items you have in your inventory to unlock certain objects. Sometimes you’ll need to backtrack, but this will save you some headaches later on.

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