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Resident Evil 7: How Many Endings Are There? (Spoiler Free)


Resident Evil 7: How Many Endings Are There? (Spoiler Free)

How Many Endings – Resident Evil 7

Multiple endings in modern gaming isn’t an uncommon thing, especially when it comes to horror titles like Resident Evil which often feature different protagonists. Resident Evil 7 is no different as this title boasts two different endings for players to unlock and play through. However, unlike titles like Dishonored 2 or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided the choice for which of the finales won’t be decided until very late in the game.

This means you can load up a saved file from this point and make the other choice if you are either looking to gain all the trophies or simply experience everything Resident Evil 7 has to offer. However, we aren’t going to explain the endings in any sort of the depth, as it would spoil major sections of this amazing horror title. If you want to know how to trigger each of the two Resident Evil 7 endings, go here. For those who were a bit lost and simply want to have a better understanding for what’s happening in the game’s narrative, we also have an explanation for that here.

There is no “good” or “bad” Resident Evil 7 endings, as both of these finales have their pros and cons. It’s simply up to the player to weigh the risks and rewards, which is very fitting to the rest of the game’s themes.

For those looking for more Resident Evil 7, make sure to check out our ever expanding wiki full of guides, walkthroughs, and tips.

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