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Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage: Bedroom Puzzle Walkthrough


Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage: Bedroom Puzzle Walkthrough

Get out before Marguerite knows you’re missing.

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage – Bedroom

Stepping into the shoes of everyone’s favorite cameraman Clancy Javis once again, players must figure out how to escape the bedroom without getting caught by good ol’ Marguerite. Here’s how to solve this bedroom puzzle in Resident Evil 7’s Banned Footage DLC.

Step 1: Take the spoon from the tray.

Step 2: Take the lantern on the hook beside the bed.

Step 3: Open the locked door. The lock combination is: Snake, Leaf, Apple.

Step 4: Don’t head into the next room. Look at the dresser next to the door, and crouch and look behind it to get the knife.

Step 5: In the first room, grab Untitled Painting C hanging on the wall.

Step 6: Grab Untitled Painting B sitting on the barrel in the corner.

Step 7: Examine the clock, turn the hands until the minute hand falls off. Grab the broken clock hand.

Step 8: Go back to where you got Untitled Painting C on the wall. Hang both paintings on the wall, making sure that they correspond with the correct shapes as indicated by the painting frames.

Step 9: Use the broken clock hand on the grandfather clock in the first room. Open it, grab Untitled Painting A. This will cause the grandfather clock to chime. Hang Untitled Painting A on the wall.

Step 10: Grab the sewing needle on the table in front of the painting wall.

Step 11: Close the grandfather clock, take all three paintings off the wall, and hang Untitled Painting C back on the first slot where you originally took it from.

Step 12: Put Untitled Painting B back onto the barrel.

Step 13: Put the broken clock hand back on the clock, change the time to 5 o’clock, and this will open up the hidden passage. Interact with the clock again to close the passage.

Step 14: Hang the lantern back onto the hook and climb back into bed to wait for Marguerite.

Step 15: Take the stove and the fork. Open the lid on the pot in front of you.

Step 16: Take the lantern off the hook.

Step 17: Head into the second room, look for the cupboard with a boarded up door. Use the fork to remove the board. Grab the solid fuel.

Step 18: Use the knife to open the projector door in the second room. Place the lantern inside the projector.

Step 19: Use the fork for the first and smaller shadow.

Step 20: Take the lantern from the projector.

Step 21: Go back to the first room, and grab Untitled Painting B from the barrel.

Step 22: Combine the stove and solid fuel, and place it down on top of the barrel.

Step 23: Examine the vase on top of the dresser in the first room and grab the lighter.

Step 24: Use the lighter on the stove on top of the barrel. Take the corkscrew. This will alert Marguerite again.

Step 25: Put Untitled Painting B back on top of the barrel. Put the lantern back on the hook, and then get back into bed to wait for Marguerite.

Step 26: Take the lantern off the hook.

Step 27: Go into the second room and look for the lantern hook on the wall. Use the corkscrew to remove the hook.

Step 28: Use the corkscrew to remove the lantern hook in the first room. Combine both lantern hooks.

Step 29: Place the lantern inside the projector in the second room.

Step 30: Use the iron statuette to form the second shadow.

Step 31: Take the Snake Key from the stage. This will trigger Marguerite to enter the room again.

Step 32: Equip the knife and stab Marguerite in the first room.

Step 33: Interact with the bedside clock to open the secret passage. Use the Snake Key to open the grate, and run down to escape.

And that’s all there is to Resident Evil 7’s Banned Footage DLC and its bedroom puzzle. For more tips, tricks, and information on Resident Evil 7 and the Banned Footage DLC, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.


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