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Nintendo vs. Microsoft: Who Could Win 2017?


Nintendo vs. Microsoft: Who Could Win 2017?

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Now that 2017 is in full swing it’s time to look at two of the major console market competitors and see which one has a better chance at providing the more solid lineup for 2017. Yes, we are omitting Sony from this distinction as Microsoft and Nintendo are currently the developers that need to play catch up if they want to take the crown away from the PlayStation 4. With the Switch’s full reveal last week, it’s clear Nintendo is going to try and make itself know as a true contender in the console market. However, this console has some hurdles it needs to overcome.

Unlike Microsoft, the Nintendo Switch is currently lacking in the third-party support department as major developers like Ubisoft and EA have only announced a few titles for the new console. However, where they lack in third-party support Nintendo more than makes up for in their console exclusives as heavy hitters like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, and Super Mario Odyssey are set to deliver memorable experiences to casual and hardcore gamers alike. Compare this to Microsoft’s ever dwindling list of exclusives, especially with the loss of Scalebound, and Nintendo is poised to deliver a far better first-party experience.

Yet, this may not be enough for Nintendo to overtake Microsoft as their online policies have yet to be fully detailed and from the minor information we’ve received, it’s not looking spectacular. While Microsoft is offering their customers free monthly games to own forever, Nintendo has made their free titles available to consumers for that month only. This feels at odds with the direction that modern consoles are going with online services and helps show that Nintendo still has a lot of catching up to do.

However, what could save this year and help them make their mark is the fact that the Nintendo Switch is still fresh. Given that E3 is only a few months away, the ball is in their court and they have ample opportunity to not only adjust their policies but also build on them in significant ways. There’s also a chance that Nintendo was saving a majority of game releases for this press event, so that could certainly help them see a spike in sales.

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