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Top 10 Best Indie Games to Look Out for in 2017


Top 10 Best Indie Games to Look Out for in 2017

Looks like another great year for indies.



Tacoma is the next title from indie studio Fullbright, the team behind the smash-hit Gone Home back in 2013. Tacoma takes place on a Lunar Transfer Station, aptly named Tacoma, 200,000 miles away from Earth. While we don’t know a ton about the game just yet, the announcement trailer provides a good idea of what to expect.

As you may have guessed, Tacoma will adopt the same ‘walking simulator’ format as its predecessor. It looks like the game will focus on a male and female character, as well as an AI named Odin. We’re hopeful that Fullbright will make this world as immersive and believable as the house you explored in Gone Home,

Currently, Tacoma is without a set release date for 2017 just yet, though it’s expected to arrive at some point in either Q1 or Q2 on Xbox One and PC.

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