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Destiny’s Enemy Factions Ranked Worst to Best


Destiny’s Enemy Factions Ranked Worst to Best

Out of The Darkness

6. Devil Splicers

destiny, rise of iron

The latest enemies to come climbing out The Darkness in hopes of snuffing our Guardians out of existence happen to be the most disappointing. After the triumph that was The Taken King, these mechanically augmented Fallen had everything going for them from design, to backstory, to a wealth of mechanics that could have been implemented. Sadly, what we got were lame reskins of The Fallen that lacked any real specialty outside of very minor, almost insignificant changes to their kits. The only real alteration comes in the form of their heads exploding and releasing a slow moving, tracking grenade at players. While this is a cool idea and subverts the player’s idea for how to kill enemies it just isn’t enough to justify the entire redesign of these enemies.

It also doesn’t help that their lore is rather mixed at times, with the resurrection of Sepiks Prime being the most intriguing aspect. Yes, the mechanical virus known as SIVA is a unique concept, but never feels like Bungie properly displays that through mechanics. Even in the Wrath of the Machine raid, this all powerful infestation is pretty much a mild inconvenience at best. If we had more time and better focus with Rise of Iron, the Devil Splicers could have been one of the coolest enemies in the game. After all, who doesn’t love the Destiny equivalent to mad scientists?

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