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AGDQ 2017 Starts Tomorrow, Here’s When and Where to Watch

Games Done Quick

AGDQ 2017 Starts Tomorrow, Here’s When and Where to Watch

Not sleeping for a week.

A new year has arrived and that means another Awesome Games Done Quick is approaching. That’s right, AGDQ 2017 starts this Sunday, which means you should know where to watch it and what to expect.

Fans should be familiar of where to find the stream since it will be hosted on Twitch for another year. The pre-show will be starting at 11:30 a.m ET with SpikeVegeta, feasel, Golden, Blechy and Darkman78 hosting. The first run is expected to start half an hour later, with the game being Ape Escape 2 Any% with speedrunner iongravirei.

Unlike SGDQ, which features multiple causes, all AGDQ donations will be going towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The schedule is available on the Games Done Quick website, and fans should be aware that the times are not completely set in stone since things can run shorter or longer than expected.

Fans should look forward to games like Shovel Knight, Mega Man, Legend of Zelda, Super Metroid and smaller indie titles. There are also some familiar names including KevinDDR, who made news at a previous GDQ event due to his mindblowing run on Tetris; he will be running another Tetris game along with EnchantressofNumbers.

The event is scheduled to end at 1:10 a.m ET on January 15, but until then it will be running all day and night, which means viewers can check in at any time to watch games and speedrunners.


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