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5 Marvel Games Square Enix Should Make, and the Studios that Should Make Them


5 Marvel Games Square Enix Should Make, and the Studios that Should Make Them

Heroes. Now more than ever.

Secret Warriors

If you haven’t heard of the Secret Warriors, well then good, that’s the idea. Created by Nick Fury Sr., the team started out as superpowered agents who helped fight the Skrulls during that whole Secret Invasion business. The Warriors were players in other Marvel events at the time, including Dark Reign and Siege, before their series ended in 2011.

As part of the new Resurrxion run with the Inhumans and the X-Men, the Secret Warriors are returning this February. That team will consist of Quake (Daisy Johnson, the lead on Agents of SHIELD), Ms. Marvel, Inferno, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, and Karnak. Inferno and Quake’s powers are exactly as their names imply; Moon Girl is the smartest person in the entire Marvel universe and also owns a giant dinosaur, Ms. Marvel can shapeshift, and Karnak can see the flaws in all things and exploit them, to rather gory results.

With five characters (and a dinosaur) to work with, this would best work as something of an open world game. If there were any developer that Square Enix should get for this, it should actually be two of them: Avalanche and Ninja Theory. While the former is pretty good at making games focused on chaos, as Just Cause has showed us, Avalanche isn’t exactly best remembered for its stories. Ninja Theory, on the other hand, excels on that front, and they know how to make some good combat as well. The two of them put together would combine fun, action-heavy gameplay with an entertaining narrative. A game that allows us to control a little girl riding a dinosaur and then switch to a guy that can explode tons of heads with a single sound couldn’t be bad, after all.

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