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10 Tragic PC Ports That Probably Should Have Stuck to Consoles


10 Tragic PC Ports That Probably Should Have Stuck to Consoles

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Batman: Arkham Knight

batman arkham knight, game of the year edition

This post was authored by Aron Gerencser.

The absolute trainwreck that was the PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight haunted developer Rocksteady for months, with the game being pulled from distribution entirely at one point. Arkham Knight was delayed and patched multiple times, only to reach a state where many systems with less than 12 GB of RAM would stutter, freeze, and crash with alarming frequency regardless of any other specs – even after patches. At launch, the game wouldn’t even start in several instances, while those who could enter would suffer from all of the symptoms mentioned above, as well as graphical bugs, regardless of system specs. For many, the game was veritably unplayable.

In its current state, stronger PCs will be able to run the game fairly well with few problems. However, even now both SLi and Crossfire cause a number of bugs, and you’ll need a whole lot of RAM if you don’t want random framerate drops.

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