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10 Super Easy PS4 Trophies That People Somehow Still Don’t Have


10 Super Easy PS4 Trophies That People Somehow Still Don’t Have

Barely scratching the surface.

War Never Changes – Fallout 4

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Plenty of PS4 games have tricky trophies that test players’ gaming skills. Some, on the other hand, are unlocked within the opening few minutes due to their simplicity. Despite this, a pretty huge number of players have yet to add them to their collection. Please note, these figures were correct at the time of writing, and always have the possibility of changing further down the line.

Just like Fallout 3 before it, Fallout 4 placed players into a Vault before they could head out and explore vast stretches of wasteland. Yet, if you go ahead and check how many players have got the bronze trophy for simply completing the short tutorial and entering the Wasteland in Fallout 4, you’ll find 4.5% of players have never set foot out of Vault 111.

Considering that escaping Vault 111 takes 30 minutes tops, the fact that there’s still nearly 5% of players who have started playing Fallout 4 that have still not escaped the vault’s confines is pretty extraordinary. Perhaps they’d seen all they needed to of Fallout 4 in the opening 30 minutes. If you’re one of these vault hermits, we strongly advise stepping outside and breathing in that lightly radiated air. You’ll be hooked for hours from that point on.

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