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10 Games That Could Not Have Had More Perfect Soundtracks


10 Games That Could Not Have Had More Perfect Soundtracks


Fallout 4

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Tons of games nowadays have soundtracks that you’d be more than happy listening to over and over again. However, there are a handful of games whose soundtracks are not only toe-tappingly catchy, but perfectly encapsulate the atmosphere of the games. They add to the experience, either with music that reflects the nature of the actions being played out, or by providing an extra sort of layer to the lore. As such, here are 10 games that absolutely nail their soundtracks.

In reality, this could be just about any Fallout game. Not because the same tracks are used over and over again, though there are often some repeat entries, but because Bethesda’s curated list of songs from the early- mid 20th century enhance that idea that this world is very much stuck in the past. Wandering through the streets of Boston, shooting raiders outside of old American diners while Atom Bomb Baby by The Five Stars blares from your Pip-Boy just feels right.

It makes the wasteland feel more realistic. After all, you wouldn’t have deep thumping electronic songs after humanity just spent all that time locked away in the Vaults. Fallout 4’s soundtrack is imperative to the experience, and if you don’t believe us, try exploring the wasteland with the radio turned off next time. Unloading your Fat-Man into the face of a Super Mutant won’t be quite as satisfying, we’ll tell you now.

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