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13 Ways Pokemon GO Has Improved Since Release


13 Ways Pokemon GO Has Improved Since Release

A completely different game… for the better.

Character Customization

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When Pokemon GO first released, millions of players rushed through the opening moments of the game, desperately wanting to capture their very first Pokemon. Part of these opening moments is the character customization screen, which unknowing newcomers to the game didn’t realize was the only time you’d be able to choose what your character looked like. Fast forward a few days, and those choices you made in such haste have come to haunt you as your jacket color and bag just don’t match. The realization that you’ll be stuck with this crime against fashion lingers over you for months.

That is until Niantic released an update that allowed players to simply tap on their character’s face in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and customize their character from a menu. Thousands of trainers cried out in relief, and the world of Pokemon GO fashion was saved a huge tragedy.

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