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The Best Virtual Reality Game of 2016


The Best Virtual Reality Game of 2016

The best ways to escape reality.

Honorable Mention: Job Simulator

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It’s award season here at Twinfinite! Starting with a few runner ups, let’s look back at the best VR games from this year and our 2016 winner!

Job Simulator is exactly what the title suggests. You throw on your VR headset and are instantly transported into the year 2050. Robots now do all of your everyday jobs from 2016, and so the only way to experience said jobs is to head down to the museum and use ‘JobBot’ to learn what it is ‘to job’.

You’ll be able to work in a garage fixing vehicles, as a cook, at a standard office job, and a few more average titles. Except, while the real-life versions of these duties can actually be quite boring, Job Simulator somehow manages to make everything a joy.

There’s nothing quite like launching a slice of unneeded bread across your kitchen as you send the ketchup-covered mess of a sandwich out to the awaiting customer. Heck, picking stylized objects up just to interact with them is oddly satisfying. There’s plenty to toss, inspect, and mix in these environments outside of your actual work tasks.

More importantly, Job Simulator is a great way to induct yourself into the world of VR gaming. It doesn’t have nauseating camera controls, or require years of video game experience to enjoy. Just do as you would in real life, and have way more fun doing it.

It may not offer an extensive adventure or a high number of levels, but what is there is enjoyable and lighthearted enough to give you a good laugh whenever you need it.

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