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Permanent PvE and More Overwatch Changes We’d Like to See in 2017


Permanent PvE and More Overwatch Changes We’d Like to See in 2017

Keep the hot streak going.

Some Quality of Life Changes

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Deeper Stat Tracking

In its current form, Overwatch has a pretty extensive stat tracking when compared to most shooters, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better. Compared to most MOBAs, it could be considered lacking.

The biggest issue of stat tracking is the lack of surface level info about hero damage. We shouldn’t have to look up a video or wiki to know how much Symmetra’s photon blast deals per second. This doesn’t sound like an addition that’d take much time or muscle, but we won’t presume to know where this ranks on Blizzard’s to-do list.


Expanded Dialogue Wheel

This is less of a thing for PC players with a constant text chat at their fingertips, but working with the limited dialogue wheel in Overwatch can often leave you wishing there was a better option in there that represented what you’re trying to say.

Of course, Blizzard doesn’t want to add insults or really anything that can be construed as negging to the wheel, but there are some key commands that aren’t satisfied by the game’s automatic callouts. The biggest one that comes to mind is an option to say “Let’s get on the payload” or “Defend our point.”

You’d like to believe a team-based shooter that only gives you one objective at a given time wouldn’t need this said so often, but it does, and a place on the wheel to make that known to players (especially on console, where it’s the only non-voice means of communication) could do a lot of good.

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