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5 Games That Are Crushing the Holiday Season


5 Games That Are Crushing the Holiday Season

Happy holidays!


Overwatch Christmas Holiday Event

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland update has brought a ton of new content to Blizzard’s immensely popular competitive shooter, and fans have been salivating over the festive skins ever since the event was teased. Nutcracker Zenyatta seems to have become the fan favorite, stealing the show from poor Rudolph Roadhog who is clearly superior to everyone else. Obviously.

The main draw of the event isn’t the skins, however. A new game mode, Mei’s Snowball Offensive, offers players a new way to compete in Overwatch. While the mode does suffer from respawn counters that could be a tad shorter, the mode is an entertaining festive take on the classic formula. Snow has also been added to two maps, King’s Row and Hanamura, while Ecopoint Antarctica got a flashy southern lights effect. Various new character unlocks have appeared in the game, as well.

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