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Astroneer: How to Get Batteries and What They Do


Astroneer: How to Get Batteries and What They Do

Batteries – Astroneer

Power is a vital resource in Astroneer, and batteries are an item that play directly into it. There are two types of batteries, internal and external. Internal batteries are located on the inside of items or buildings, like the battery on the inside of your Astroneer’s backpack. External batteries are created separately and can store excess energy created by an internal battery, or recharge a depleted one. Here are the difference between each, and how you use them.

Internal batteries are already built into whatever item or building it is and generally reserve their charge for that specific use. The batteries for your deform tool and vehicles can be partially recharged to be used, however, batteries for buildings and research stations will be completely used up upon activation. To recharge them, you’ll need to use a power network to generate power, with things like Solar Panels, Wind Vanes, and Generators. In a power network, any power generated is given priority to internal batteries, before anything else. Excess power can be stored in a couple different ways, Power Stacks and Cells as well as External ones.

External ones come in two sizes, large and small, which are stored different ways. Small ones can be started from the start of the game in your backpack, and requires one lithium. It can be stored in any one slot in your backpack, and can hold 2 bars (or 8 units) of power. This means that the time you’ll be able to spend outside and mining will be increased.

Large ones can be crafted from the printer module using 2 lithium. These hold up to 16 bars of power, and can be attacked to different buildings. If you attach an external battery to a building with a full internal battery, the external will collect any excess power from your power network. If the building has a depleted internal battery, any power you have in the external will be used to restore it.

They may be a little complicated, but just maintain your power network and you’ll have plenty to go around. Make sure to check back with Twinfinite for more guides and tips on Astroneer.

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