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8 Video Game Difficulty Spikes That Made Us Rage Quit


8 Video Game Difficulty Spikes That Made Us Rage Quit

Break out the Swear Jar.

God of War – Spike Tower

God of War

There are a lot of terrifying enemies that try to kill you in God of War, however the most fearsome foe is actually a giant rotating tower full of spikes. Located in the Underworld, this massive pillar has induced many rage fueled gameplay sessions thanks to the inconsistent speeds of each section. It also doesn’t help that if you are so much as grazed by one of these blades it will send you plummeting below to start all over again. Since the tower is made up of different segments (each of which is going a different direction) it can be tricky to dodge the very small openings offered.

What’s worse is this section doesn’t test any of the real skills you have been building up, meaning all that time memorizing Kratos’ combos won’t save you now. This only makes it more infuriating since the difficulty spike is not even something based around what the game’s taught you, just poorly designed platforming.

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