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5 Major 2016 Game Releases With Terrible PC Ports


5 Major 2016 Game Releases With Terrible PC Ports

Lost in translation.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


It’s important to note that we are basing this off a game’s performance at launch and not how it’s running right now. Many of these titles have had almost all of their problems patched out, however that’s not an excuse for their terrible port to PC. 

Released back in late August, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided received rather positive reviews and feedback from critics and fans playing it on consoles. However, those who purchased it on PC via Steam were met with framerate and control issues such as the X and Y speeds being different. There have also been reports of input lag, stuttering, and a variety of weird bugs. Multiple Steam users reported the game either crashing or Deus Ex having poor optimization when it comes to the controls.

Combine this with a menu and inventory system that was clearly designed for consoles over PC and you have a rather underwhelming port. While most of these issues have been ironed out, it didn’t leave PC players with the best impressions upon its release.

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