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5 Changes That Would Make The Last of Us Part II a Perfect Game


5 Changes That Would Make The Last of Us Part II a Perfect Game

Out with the old.

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Introduce New Infected

The Last of Us Part II Infected

In the original title there were really only two types of specialized infected that switched things up for the player. One was the massive, tank-like Bloater and the other was an insta-kill Clicker that forced players to sneak around them. While they were cool, at a certain point the lack of variety in combat did begin to show. Bloaters, the hardest enemy in the game, only show up a set number of times throughout the campaign and then never appear again.

It would be nice if The Last of Us Part II added a fair amount of diversity to their creatures, as this would keep combat feeling fresh. Doing this could also be a nice way to showcase the virus’ effects over an extended period of time, given this game appears to be set years after the original. While we do know what the cycle of the infection actually looks like, it would be interesting to see Naughty Dog play with the habits, abilities, and behaviors of these foes.

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