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10 Places We’d Like to See Hitman Visit in 2017


10 Places We’d Like to See Hitman Visit in 2017

Yes, bulls.

1. An Amusement Park

Hitman season 1 was a tremendous success, but what its six locations really lacked was a sense of humor. The game’s dark comedy was consistently present in the fantastical opportunities the locations provided, but the locations were simply realistic depictions of hotels, mansions, and city streets. Season 2 should spice up the color palette with an amusement park!

We can see it now: Agent 47 has been tasked with locating and taking down a top-level CEO that is visiting one of his most recent personal investments, an amusement park. He could infiltrate as an attendee wearing dorky shorts and a fanny pack, acquire a hotdog suit disguise, and cause a “horrible malfunction” that sends a prototype coaster off the rails as the target is testing it out. A locale like this would make for one hell of an opener to season 2, but we can only hope that IO Interactive agrees.

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