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Killing Floor 2: How to Get Crate Drops


Killing Floor 2: How to Get Crate Drops

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How to Get Drops – Killing Floor 2

If you are playing Killing Floor 2 you’re going to eventually come across one of the various crate drops that happen after completing a match. These crates contain the various cosmetic items and weapon skins available throughout Killing Floor 2. However, if you want to get these Loot Crates, you’re going to need to play a fair amount of Killing Floor 2. This can be easily done by playing either solo or with friends on either Normal or Hard during the 4 round match archetype.

Since you can only earn one reward every 24 hours, you can breeze through a couple short matches if you aren’t looking to invest a ton of time into playing. They usually drop after the first or second match, usually with a 30-minute time frame from when you start. Through our playing we have not been able to acquire more than one reward a day, however this could get changed in time.

It’s also important to note you will need Crate Keys to unlock anything within the various packages, so make sure to keep a mental note of which keys or crates you’re missing. Some of the items that can drop are weapon skins, cosmetic items such as hats, or crafting materials. The other way to get these rewards is just by purchasing crates and keys at the Killing Floor 2 storefront, but this should really be a last resort for acquiring them.

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