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Cards Against Humanity Is Digging a Holiday Hole to Celebrate Black Friday

Holiday Hole

Cards Against Humanity Is Digging a Holiday Hole to Celebrate Black Friday

Lets see how deep it can go

Cards Against Humanity, the self proclaimed “party game for horrible people” is celebrating Black Friday in one of the best ways ever. Cards Against Humanity is digging a hole into the ground for seemingly no reason. They are calling it the Holiday Hole and it is glorious. The digging of the Holiday Hole is funding by viewers of the stream and every dollar donated equals about 2.4 seconds of digging being accomplished. The hole will continue to be dug as long as the money keeps coming in.

So far, over $25,000 have been donated for the continuation of the digging. According to the company, none of the money will go toward charity or other worthy causes, instead all of the profits will go towards a deeper hole. It’s likely the money will end up going to a good cause, however, given Cards Against Humanities’ track record of asking for odd money. You can watch the live hole feed on the official website. There is currently over 25 hours of digging already paid for, so kick back, and enjoy watching countless dollars being thrown into the hole. Happy Black Friday everyone!

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