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BioWare Director Confirms There Will Be More Mass Effect Games

delayed, 2017

BioWare Director Confirms There Will Be More Mass Effect Games

Looking to the future.

With N7 Day behind us, the anticipation for the science fiction RPG Mass Effect: Andromeda is at an all time high. Many have wondered this Andromeda would be the last game in the Mass Effect series or if this was going to start a whole other adventure for players. Thankfully, Bioware’s Creative Director Mac Walters took to Twitter yesterday and clarified the company’s position with this franchises future.

While it’s clear Bioware doesn’t want to do another trilogy, there is now a high chance of getting a sequel to Mass Effect: Andromeda. The other possibility is that Andromeda will be a stand alone game and the next title in this series will just be another individual story within the world itself. This has a higher chance since it would allow Bioware to explore the lore and worlds of Mass Effect without being tethered to a single narrative.

Given it will be nearly 5 years since the last Mass Effect game, there is no doubt we will be waiting a long time for the eventual next title in this legendary series.

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