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5 Things You Should Do Before Final Fantasy XV Releases


5 Things You Should Do Before Final Fantasy XV Releases

Make the necessary preparations.

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Watch Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

Noctis, Final Fantasy XV

Acting as a prequel to the main game, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is a five-episode anime series that you can watch now on YouTube. However, Brotherhood doesn’t just introduce you to the story and the world of Final Fantasy XV, but it also gives fans some much-needed background to the quartet of characters that you’ll be spending all that time with in the main game.

Each episode of the anime focuses on one of the main characters and goes into explaining some of the more intricate details that the game glances over. Whether you’re a newcomer or a long-term fan of the series, checking out Brotherhood will make you feel familiar with the characters from the get-go. It’s also actually very good. With a long evening ahead of you, this is the perfect way to whittle away the hours.

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