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3 Ways the Nintendo Switch Will Take the World by Storm


3 Ways the Nintendo Switch Will Take the World by Storm

The Switch… will change the world!

Proper Remote Play


Remote Play is something that a few companies have been wrestling with for a while now. Whether it was Sony’s attempt with the Vita and PS4, or Nintendo’s own attempts with the Wii U’s gamepad. While both were good tries, neither of them truly delivered on the ability to bring your AAA home consoles with you on the go. The Wii U was too limited in its range and the Vita suffered from a lack of buttons and the need for an internet connection.

The Nintendo Switch looks set to have finally nailed it. With a controller that allows players all of the buttons and analog sticks needed to truly enjoy experiences like Skyrim or NBA on the go, and complete freedom in terms of where they choose to enjoy their games, players will finally be able to play their favorite home console games as they should be played wherever they want. The Switch definitely looks like it’s powerful enough to keep it all running smoothly and looking great too. From the reveal trailer, we didn’t see any significant drop in how the games looked or were running when moving from the home console to a portable experience. Only time will truly tell, though.

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