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Top 5 Easiest Xbox One Achievements of September 2016


Top 5 Easiest Xbox One Achievements of September 2016

Ba-dink! Achievement Unlocked.


ReCore, tips, tricks, beginners

ReCore was one of two big console exclusives for Xbox One owners in September, putting players in control of Joule as she battled evil robots with the help of her own Corebots. While its combination of platforming and action gameplay wasn’t quite great, it did offer some very easy achievements for anyone looking for a big jump in Gamerscore for little effort.

Of the 53 achievements totaling 1000 Gamerscore, over two-thirds can easily be picked off as you make your way through the game. While there are some achievements that may take a little bit longer such as finding all of the Prismatic Cores, you’ll be able to mop up most of the remaining achievements by simply experimenting with your Corebot designs at your workbench. You can check out the full list of achievements for ReCore here.

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